#19 Freelancing Training


Get Started and Get Out of Your Own Way

You've got a burning desire to start your business, yet you find yourself procrastinating and staIling out - I'Il teach you the mindset hacks for overcoming overwhelm

Where to find Your Ideal Clients

How to determine the market that you would like to work with, who will spend you well and be EXCITED to work with you - even if you're the most expensive provider in the market

Package and Price Your Services

Learn the secret to pricing based on the solutions you provide rather than the time you put in, and find clients that are excited to spend you for your services

Create Consistent Leads

Learn how easy it is to create prospects for your freelance business with minimal effort - no more daily video clips or building án "influencer" following

How to Land Your First $5K Client

Get the step-by-step method for marketing yourself to your ideal clients and landing your 1st BIG client in only a couple months

How to Get to 6-Numbers Working For Yourself

Produce the systems you have to generate leads consistently - even while you sleep - so you can grow your small business

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