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Course Curriculum

› Introduction

› Launching Excel

› Microsoft Excel Startup Screen

› Introduction to the Excel Interface

› Customizing the Excel Quick Access Toolbar

› More on The Excel Interface

› Understanding the structure of an excel Workbook

› saving an excel document

› opening a document

› Common Excel Shortcut Keys

› Entering text to create spreadsheets tiltles

› Working with Numeric Data In Excel

› Entering the Date Values In Excel

› Working with Cell Refrences

› Creating Basic Formulas In Excel

› Relative Versus Absolute Cell Refrence In Formulas

› Understanding the Order of Operation

› The structure of an excel function

› Working with the Sum() Function

› working with the MIN() and MAX() Function

› Working with average() Function

› Working with the count() Function

› Adjacent cells error in Excel calculation

› Using the Autosum Command

› Excel's Autosum Shortcut key

› Using the Autofill Command to copy formulas

› Moving and copying the date in excel worksheet

› Inserting and deleting the rows and columns

› Changing the width and the height of the cells

› hiding and unhiding excel rows and columns

› Renaming an excel worksheet

› Deleting an excel worksheet

› Moving and copying an excel worksheet

› Working with font formatting commands

› Changing the background color of cells

› Adding borders to cells

› Formatting data as currency values

› Formatting percentages and using the format painter

› Creating Styles to format Data

› Merging and centering the cells

› Using Conditional Formatting

› Inserting Images

› Inserting and formatting excel shapes

› working with excel SmartArt

› Creating an Excel column Chart

› working with the excel chart ribbon

› Adding , Modifying and Formatting the Excel chart

› Moving the chart and working with Excels pie chart

› Viewing and changing the margins, scaling and orientation in print preview

› working with the page layout view

› Adding Header & Footer and Printing specific range of cells

› Opening the In-built Templetes

› Creating a Custom Template

› Understanding Excel List Structure

› Sorting a list using single level sort

› Sorting a list using Multi level sort

› Using Custom Sort In an Excel List

› Filter an Excel List Using the Autofilter Tool

› Creating subtotals in List

› Format a list as a table

› Finding and Removing the duplicates

› working with DSUM() Function single criteria

› Excel function with OR and AND criteria

› Excel Function DAVERAGE and DCOUNT

› Excel Function SUBTOTAL

› Understanding and Creating the Excel Data Validation

› Decimal and adding a custom data validation

› Dynamic Formulas by using excel data validation Techniques

› Importing data from text files

› Importing Data from Microsoft Access

› Exporting data to a text file

› Understanding and Creating the Excel Pivot table

› Modifying Pivot table Calculations

› Grouping Pivot table

› Formatting the Pivot Table Data

› Drilling down into pivot table data

› Creating Pivot charts

› Filtering the Pivot table manually and with Slicer tool

› Understanding Power Pivot and creating data models

› Creating Pivot Table and calculations

› power Pivot KPIs

› Using the Freeze Panes Tool

› Grouping Data (Columns and or rows)

› print options for large sets of data

› using 3D formulas & Consolidating data from multiple sheets

› Congratulations and Introduction of course 103

› working with excel Name Ranges

› Advantages & disadvantages and Editing of name ranges

› Using IF() Function

› Nesting function with Excel

› Nesting Excel's AND() Function within IF() Function

› Using excel's COUNTIF() and SUMIF() Function

› Using IFERROR() Function

› using the VLOOKUP() Function

› Using HLOOKUP() Function

› Using INDEX() Function

› Using Match() Function

› Combining MATCH() & INDEX() Function

› Continuing Combined MATCH() & INDEX() Function

› working with HLOOKUP() 7 MATCH() Function together

› using excel's LEFT(), RIGHT() & MID() function

› working with excel's LEN() & SEARCH() Function

› using CONCATENATE() Function

› tracing Precedents and dependents in excel formulas

› Working with the Watch window

› Showing formulas

› protectiong Specific cells in a worksheet

› Protecting the structure and the whole workbook

› Working with Goal Seek Function

› Working with Solver Tool

› Building effective Data Tables

› Creating Scenarios

› Understanding the Macros and activationg the developer Tab

› Creating a Macro with the Macro Recorder

› Editing a macro with VBA

› Running Macro with diffrent Types

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